Mobile Extension

If you have just a Myxcell Network Office extension, you’ve got a Mobile extension


What is Voip?

Keep your same number

MYXCELL NETWORK high quality service utilizes the power of the Internet to make and receive phone calls. Calls sound exactly like you're used to with traditional phone service, but there's no high local or long distance charges to pay! Customers can save as much as 50% on their monthly phone bills!

And because MYXCELL NETWORK VoIP phone service works with broadband, it goes where you go! Take your Telephone Adapter or Video Applications with you when you travel for work or pleasure, connect it to a broadband connection and you'll save on the go just like you do at home.

Your MYXCELL NETWORK VoIP phone service includes unlimited calls for a single low monthly fee. Plans start at only $32.95/month! Plus you get great value and added calling features at no additional charge! Features such as

Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three-way Calling and more to simplify your life and add convenience.

Unlimited calls for just one low monthly fee. Plans start at only $32.95! Choose video or voice communications for your office  and start saving today