VoIP Service with Myxcell network Benefits

Connect like never before, improve your performance and change the way you work with the powerful features of VoIPphone.

While most businesses have a high-speed Internet connection as well as additional separate phone lines, consolidating the two can save businesses money. Small and medium sized businesses can save from 50% to 80% per month. Eliminating onsite phone equipment (key system or PBX) and consolidating wiring, also saves money.

VoIP technology’s full host of features transforms your Telecommunications into a unified tool to dramatically increase your productivity and availability, allowing you to focus on increasing your sales, growing your business, and servicing your customers. Your Hosted PBX/ VoIP phone system enables you to completely manage your customers or office from anywhere on the world, or even using your Smartphone. With unified communications, you can conference call, transfer, call forward, send and receive faxes, listen to your messages from your email, record the calls for quality control and completely manage your bill and telephone system with a click of a mouse and even your smart phone.

Whether they be to your cell phone, to your home phone, or to your home-office phone, you control where you receive your calls through easy point-and-click commands.

Want to have your prospects and customers in the United States call a local phone number in the US that rings at your call center in Venezuela? This is just one example of what you can achieve with Myxcell Networks VoIP.

In order to determine whether an IP solution is right for your business, contemplate the following questions:

Have you had your current phone system for morethan five years?
The majority of PBXs are fully depreciated after 5 years, creating a no-loss situation, and faster ROI to switch to a VoIP service.

Do you have separate bills for local phone lines, high-speed internet access and long distance services?
The consolidation of these services provides dramatic cost reductions, often more than 20% in savings.

Have you spent considerable money on changes to the configuration of your PBX?
This is important for companies who have either decreased or increased in size, as each move, add or change can cost companies time and money.

Do you have a remote workforce or telecommuters?
The productivity enhancing features of VoIP technology can greatly impact your remote workforces’ behavior. Features such as ‘Follow me’ or ‘Find me’ will ring multiple locations until a person is found. Likewise, a telecommuter can plug in at home as well as receive calls as if in the office.

Do enjoy having the latest tools and functionality for office efficiency?
Forward emails automatically as files to anyone inside – or outside – your company, click to dial from your computer, and review call logs online. VoIP telephony provides all the features of existing PBXs plus many features that can increase both efficiency and productivity.



Hosted VoIP PBX

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Mobile Extension

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